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Investing Financial

  • Commodities

    Why you cant buy silver right now; return of Hunt Brothers scenario? David Morgan

    By January 31, 2021

    Date: 2021-02-01 00:35:02 The demand surge of silver has completely overwhelmed the supply, and orders are not able to be filled now, said David Morgan of TheMorganReport. #SilverSqueeze #Kitco __________________________________________________________________ Kitco News is the world’s #1 source of metals market information. Our videos feature interviews with prominent industry figures to bring you market-affecting insights, with […]

  • Stocks


    By January 31, 2021

    Date: 2021-01-31 13:00:23 3 under-the-radar names are set to take off from the mass vaccine rollout… Genia Turanova reveals the details of this COVID play in her new report, “3 Non-Vaccine Stocks Poised To Soar From The Vaccine Rollout.” Get your FREE copy here: 👉 The “everybody wins” mentality has gotten out of control… […]

  • Options

    Sunday Futures Market Open tastytrade’s First Call

    By January 31, 2021

    Date: 2021-02-01 00:06:10 What do a couple of ex-floor traders look at every Sunday market open? Tune in as tastytrade’s Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista host First Call — a live examination of equities, commodities, currencies, and more– all done on the tastyworks trading platform. Get their take on how the news cycle has (or […]

  • Crypto

    Alex Jones on Silver Manipulation (URGENT WARNING to Investors)

    By January 31, 2021

    Date: 2021-01-31 23:01:57 Alex Jones has been talking about Silver Manipulation forever. Is he crazy or crazy like a fox? Things may not be as they appear on Wall Street and I’m starting to wonder what is TRULY at play here. Could retail investors be on the way to getting REKT? Could this lead to […]

  • Finance

    GameStop Mania Cannot Continue Warns Michele Romanow, Here’s Why

    By January 31, 2021

    Date: 2021-01-29 18:00:09 The retail investor overtaking Wall Street hedge funds is not a trend that can continue, says Michele Romanow— Clearbanc founder, e-commerce investor, and star of CBC’s Dragon Den (Canada’s version of Shark Tank). “This is a continuation of trends we have seen during COVID and FinTech platforms have become so good,” Romanow […]

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