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THERE’S STILL HOPE FOR GEN Z INVESTORS Wall Street Unplugged Episode 800


THERE’S STILL HOPE FOR GEN Z INVESTORS Wall Street Unplugged Episode 800

Date: 2021-09-29 20:25:03


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My nephew, Joe Davide, is back on the show to discuss investing from the Gen Z perspective. If you’ve never heard Joe before, you’re in for a treat… Listeners love his authenticity and transparency. [0:38]

Today, he gives an update on how his portfolio has fared over the last six months.

In a great teachable moment, we discuss how to manage winners and losers… and what led Joe to have a change of heart and sell several positions.

He explains where he’s finding his ideas… and how he conducts research before pulling the trigger on stocks.

Next, Joe shares why he only holds one position right now—a SPAC—and explains why he’s planning to hold for the long term.

I share my opinion on this name… point out a few things to pay attention to when looking at the fundamentals… and explain why SPACs could have a lot of pain ahead.

Finally, we discuss the most important investing lesson… why you must focus on portfolio management… and staying in the investing game over the long term.
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